Hand Series – Playing the Piano

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Throughout the performance, the pianist’s hands work together in perfect harmony, moving in sync to produce a cohesive and enchanting musical experience. Watching hands playing the piano is truly a mesmerizing sight, one that captures the beauty and complexity of music in motion. The hands may also use a variety of techniques to create different sounds on the piano. They may strike the keys forcefully to create a loud, dramatic sound, or they may use a lighter touch to produce a soft, delicate sound. The hands may also glide smoothly across the keys, creating a seamless legato melody, or they may use a staccato technique to produce a choppy, percussive sound.

With this painting, I wanted to explore using complimentary colors to add mood to the piece. This painting was done using orange and Prussian blue.

Part of a series focused on depicting hands at rest, work, and at play. I’ve always been interested in drawing hands or photography hands. Hands are a dynamic piece of our body that connects us, through the sense of touch, to the world around us.

This painting is 8 inches square, painted with oils on a linen panel.